Important Reasons to use HomeLand Title & Escrow for all your Real Estate Closing needs!

- Team, Team, Team!
- Convenient Locations for your Clients
- Traveling Closer to help with all your Client needs
- HomeLand Title & Escrow only handles Real Estate Closings
- Attorney on staff
- Professional and Courteous office staff waiting to assist you
- Personally Delivered Commission Checks
- Informational Brochures

- 3 Convenient Locations

Our Role
A successful settlement requires careful coordination and planning. As an independent third party to your transaction, our job is to orchestrate all aspects of the settlement process. At HomeLand Title & Escrow, our philosophy is to become involved as early as possible, allowing us to be well prepared and ensuring a positive settlement experience.

Preparation is the best protection against any potential difficulties. When you choose HomeLand Title & Escrow, we immediately begin communicating with all parties involved, and stay in contact throughout the settlement transaction. These parties include the listing and selling agents, insurance agents, brokers, lenders, attorneys, and homeowner's associations. And of course, we will always stay in touch with you! Our goal is to ensure the integrity of the transaction; by staying on top of the details, following all instructions and making sure all requirements are met prior to your settlement. All of this communication and preparation helps to prevent complications others may experience when closing on a home or refinancing on a mortage.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us at 804-935-0043.

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